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Lively Living

Prototyping Form – Fall 2017

Lively Living is a living room furniture collection that is meant to reduce the likelihood of ruining important items from being knocked over and at the same time to add life into the inanimate objects we usually have in the living room. The two pieces were made with animal-like characteristics without adding literal animal features. I wanted to make a collection that had a unique modern design look, and was functional. Both the table and lamp were made from ash wood.​​​​​​​



Some of my inspiration came from visiting modern furniture stores such as West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and BoConcept.

Prototyping Process


One of the biggest lessons I learned from this project is that the prototyping process can be messy and will not always necessarily flow smoothly from the sketching phase to the prototyping phase. Many times, I had to flip flop between sketching, making mini prototypes, and making full scale prototypes in order to visualize the whole design because designs don’t usually translate very well between 2D and 3D.



The table made for this collection has two layers in order to give objects set on the tables separation. More than once I have knocked a cup of water over on a table, and had to scramble to make sure that no electronics or books were going to get damaged. With this table, you can put more valuable objects on the top layer, and then keep your drinks and other less valuable items on the bottom layer without worrying about accidental spills if you knock your drink over.


I originally wanted to design a lamp that would go on top of the table, but I realized that having a lamp on top of the table would make the collection look cluttered, and also increase the chance of knocking something over higher. A floor lamp is harder to knock over, and visually goes with the collection better.