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Purpose: Naturally Grown Multi-Surface Cleaner

Senior Studio – Spring 2019


Part 1 of the project was focused on giving an effective and compelling product pitch for RISD UpStart. During UpStart, I had the opportunity to be mentored by RISD alumni who are currently running their own companies. A lot of time was spent understanding the needs of the market, creating the product, and figuring out what was and how to present the most important pieces of information that was collected. 

Desk & Survey Research Findings

I first became interested in the topic of cleaning products and using probiotics to clean the home during a Wintersession class called (re)Designing Self Care. The majority of desk and survey research was done during that class. 

Cultural Probe Kit & In Home Interviews

6 Individual people were interviewed in their homes about their cleaning process, and were asked to try out an already existing probiotic cleaner for the week. 

Problems and Solutions

These are the problems of the current cleaning market I discovered from my research, and the solutions I want to provide for those problems.


This persona was created as my target market, and it is based off of the people I had personally interviewed during the research phase. 

Making the Cleaner

Packaging Design Research

This stage involved visiting various stores to see how products in similar categories are actually being displayed

Packaging Design Process

Eventually, it was decided that a paper carton would be the best packaging for the cleaning product. The spray nozzle and cartons are to be sold separately in order to reduce the amount of plastic trash that is created during the lifecycle of the product. I decided to use an existing carton on the market for my prototypes. 

Final Prototypes

Pitch Presentation Stats

Full Pitch Deck