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Purpose: Naturally Grown Multi-Surface Cleaner

Senior Studio – Spring 2019


Part 2 takes the growth model created in part 1, and focuses on creating a new selling experience around the cleaning product that was created. A lot of time was spent understanding how current products in similar categories were being sold, and strategizing how my product could enter the market in a way that stood out from other cleaning products.

Design Research

This step involved going to a lot of stores to see and experience how products in similar categories are sold

User Journey Map

Prototyping Process

Works Like Prototype

Buyer Journey: See, Try, Buy

Senior Studio Show

Prototype Round 2

Future Iterations

CAD renderings of a potential future iteration based off of what was learned from the works like prototype 

Packable Design

All parts of cart can be packed inside main body. This allows for easy transportation, setup, and take down for the seller.