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(Re)designing Self Care – Wintersession 2019


Humans are constantly trying to find new ways to hack their body into the most optimal shape, and in order to do so, a lot of people turn to various foods and diets that claim to have extraordinary benefits if ingested. The problem is, there is no standard as to what “healthy” is, so it is very easy to claim a food has specific health benefits while also ignoring the potential damage it could cause. 


In order to speak about how easy it is for someone to tell a marketable story, and claim questionable health benefits, we came up with the most ridiculous food product we could think of that consumers of the future could buy, and sold it with a story that is just a little too good to be true. 


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The process included going to grocery stores to look at existing products, prototyping the packaging, and taking pictures for the advertisements. 

Online Presence

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Final Products